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“By committing to the Rich Dad Coaching Program, we made the decision that we no longer wanted to be a part of the “Rat Race” and wanted to live a life of financial freedom. The coaching program required that we stop and actually think beyond the “Rat Race” that we were stuck in. Our weekly homework assignments required us to stop and give great thought to our present situation as well as our hopes and dreams. By following the course, our knowledge of finance and business increased exponentially. It has changed our focus from life in the E quadrant to the freedoms of the B and I quadrants.

Our Coach is motivating and a great source for information and inspiration. He always keeps us on track, even when we start to fade off. He makes our coaching experience insightful. We feel it is the best money we have ever spent. He brings clarity to our goals as well as provides a path to get to our goals. He has always been an invaluable wealth of knowledge.

The coaching program opened our eyes and gave us the ability to see how differently the rich think, know and do. Learning the ways that they use money to make them more money verses how the masses use their money to get doodads. It clearly illustrated how making that shift in thinking about money can make a huge impact in our life.”

— Frank and Anna L., CA, USA

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