Rich Dad Poor Dad Author, Robert Kiyosaki and his wife, Kim Kiyosaki

Learn to Invest using Other People’s Money
Get Out of the Rat Race Faster

With Your Own Rich Dad's Coach

Create Your Own Customized Plan

Having a Rich Dad Coach is like having your very own rich dad — someone to give you feedback, hold you accountable, and to encourage your success. The focus is on you and how you will develop the skills, awareness and knowledge to develop your Midas Touch and achieve financial freedom.

Take a look at where you are right now and then consider where you want to be. What do you stand for? How are you going to build the necessary relationships to achieve your goals? How do you keep going when others give up?

Your Rich Dad Coach will help you achieve the results you want. By going through this process, you will come away with a real, workable plan — customized to your strengths and passions.

Your Rich Dad Coach will help you:

  • Incorporate the 5 Key Factors of Success into your plan
  • Build a personalized financial and CASHFLOW plan
  • Develop strategies on how to raise capital
  • - Finding the right angel investors
    - Raising equity capital
    - Raising small business capital
    - Raising capital for real estate
  • Create a personal strategy to become secure, comfortable, and rich
  • Set your plan in motion—so that becoming rich is an automatic process

Together the awareness, skills, learning and knowledge Rich Dad
Coaching will pass onto you will enable your Midas Touch to shine.


“What I love about your coaching program is I finally got how to start and what to do. I now have milestones and guidelines. My first goal is to pay down the debt, build up my reserves, save money for investing and build my monthly income by being the one to generate money.”
— Melissa H., NY, USA