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A Thank You from Rich Dad World

Four years ago this month, according the National Bureau of Economic Research, the Great Recession officially ended. The worst financial setback since the Great Depression with the subprime mortgage crisis, the soaring oil and food prices, the collapse of many of the United States’ largest financial institutions, the crisis in the automobile industry, the $700 billion bank bailout, and the $787 billion fiscal stimulus, ended—at least for reporting purposes. But as we all know, the effects of this economic downturn continued to ripple through many people for months and years thereafter. Even today, some have not fully recovered.

Something else of significance happened four years ago this month too. In 2009, we launched Rich Dad World to help support the Rich Dad mission of elevating the financial well-being of humanity. With free information and resources, Rich Dad World set out to help increase the financial education of all those who were willing to listen—and more importantly—willing to make a change in their lives.

While many were waiting during the recession for the government or “big business” to help improve their financial well-being, people like you decided to take matters into their own hands by studying and applying the information on Rich Dad World to either begin or further their investing careers. It was you who understood that when everyone is exiting the market, that is the best time to find the deals.

You studied the messages in “You Can Choose to Be Rich.” You applied the techniques in “How We Got Out of Bad Debt.” You watched and dissected the messages from the engaging and insightful Live Events presented by Rich Dad World. In short, you and the other Members of Rich Dad World took responsibility for your financial future.

The result? Today we have hundreds of thousands of Rich Dad World Members from 193 different countries around the globe! While most people are barely getting back to the financial status they had four years ago, Members of Rich Dad World are enjoying the fruits of their labor. They are riding the wave of their financial education as markets rebound. But better than that, they now know they are not at the mercy of another financial crisis. They now have the know-how, the skills, and the tools, to make money regardless of which way the economy is headed.

So to you and all those Members of Rich Dad World who have helped make it into the community it is today, we thank you. We encourage you to keep educating and investing. And we commit to you to keep providing the valuable resources and events that will help you progress in that goal.

To your success,
The Rich Dad Coaching Team

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