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The Danger of Comfort

Comfort is one of the most dangerous words for a person’s personal and professional development. Comfort represents our current situation. We’re used to it. We’ve settled in and gotten cozy. We’ve also ceased to grow.

While most people would agree that it is impossible to improve your life without leaving your comfort zone, most don’t do anything about it. Think for a moment and ask yourself, “Do I only get out of my comfort zone when life forces me to or do I willingly and purposefully make myself leave?”

The rich are willing to be uncomfortable. They don’t take life for granted. They understand that where they are and what they’ve achieved is a direct result of motivating themselves to leave their comfort zone, especially when the masses are more than happy to stay in theirs.

Many people don’t push themselves at all because they think they have already arrived. They reach a certain level of success, convince themselves they should be happy with what they have, and then plateau without ever knowing what else they could have accomplished with just a little discipline and drive.

If you want to better your financial situation—or any area of life for that matter, you have to leave your comfort zone. Leaving your comfort zone is nothing more than creating a planned confrontation with the status quo. It is the ability to take a truthful inventory of your life, set a realistic—yet aggressive—outcome or destination, and then be willing to get uncomfortable.

If you’re having trouble getting started, often it is because you’re waiting to have all the answers. Everything isn’t “just the way you would like it.” Waiting for everything to be perfect, is like waiting in your driveway until all the traffic lights turn green before you drive to work. Wanting everything to be perfect is wanting to take your comfort zone with you as you move forward. It can’t be done. Growth requires a little pain. You can’t wait to know everything or to have everything be perfect before you take that first step forward.

So if you’re serious about leaving your comfort zone for a better life, take the time to read what Robert has to say in the Getting Started section of the You Can Choose to Be Rich course on Featured within this chapter are the 9 points that will shift you away from your comfort zone to make you start thinking and acting like the rich. Learning how the rich think and condition themselves to be “comfortable” with the uncomfortable just may be the key to the realization of your financial dreams.

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Need Help Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

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